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Local Requests FGO Be Placed on AFM Unfair List

Local 655 has requested that the Florida Grand Opera be placed on the American Federation of Musicians International Unfair List. Members of the AFM would be prohibited from rendering musical services to the Opera in accordance with AFM Bylaws, Article 8, Section 3. The Local expects that the request will be approved by the AFM when a petition for an election is filed with the National Labor Relations Board in the fall.
Local 655 of the AFM is involved in a primary labor dispute with the Florida Grand Opera. An overwhelming majority of musicians performing for Florida Grand Opera have signed representation cards requesting to be represented by Local 655 in collective bargaining with the Opera. The Opera refuses to recognize Local 655 as the musicians' bargaining agent. Additionally, the Opera refuses to recognize the musicians as employees of the Opera, stating that they are instead Independent Contractors. The Opera has also has also begun harassing the musicians and the Local by threatening to file lawsuits, including a lawsuit that attempts to prevent the musicians from referring to the Opera by name on their website and handbills, violating the musicians’ First Amendment and National Labor Relations Act rights.

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